Rules of weighing

  • Open to financial members (and their immediate family) of the Waikanae Boating Club.
  • Boys and girls under 16 years are eligible for junior and senior classes.
  • For a fish to be eligible for weighing, it must have been caught from a boat which has neither long lines or set nets on board, and has been launched and retrieved at WBC.
  • The fish to be weighed is only eligible if caught on a rod or hand line.
  • Only intact fish (not gutted) are eligible for weighing.
  • Fish to be weighed must be done so as soon as possible upon coming ashore, not brought back at a later date to be weighed (i.e. There is no weighing after sunset).

Weighing procedure:

  • Members wishing to weigh fish should contact the club nominated Weigh Master, who will weigh, and if required, record the details.
  • If members are unable to contact the Weigh Master they may contact a competent committee person to carry out the weighing. (Committee members who have demonstrated competence with weighing fish to the satisfaction of the Weigh Master)
  • The Weigh Master and committee are not to weigh fish caught by themselves, but contact another committee member who was not on the boat, to carry out weighing.
  • Fish to be weighed for club events and records are to be weighed on the flat bed certified scales only.
    Note: Other scales may be used only as an indicator
  • Only fish weighed by the Weigh Master or a competent committee member will be recorded.
  • The Weigh Master is the custodian of the master log.
  • The blackboard is merely a copy of the entries in the log book. Entries on the board that are not in the log book will be erased.
  • Fish caught in WBC competitions are eligible to go on the trophy board.

Weigh Master

Paul Templer                                    027-543-6666
Grant Waterhouse (House)            021-598-811
Duane Moul:  022 477 6477