Thanks to all the club members who supported our club fishing activities throughout the year.

Listed below are the Fishing awards for the year, congratulations to all those who won an award this year, and Best of Luck to all our members who will strive to make the Fishing awards for next year.

Fishing Awards 2018 -2019

Blue Cod 1.67 kg  Jamie Sturman
Skye Cup

Gurnard 1.75 kg Sophie Cudby
Savage Cup

John Dory 2.69 kg William Warwick
Ellison, Leighton, Pinker Trophy

Tarakihi  2.70 kg Shaun Brosnahan
Wiremu Cup

Kahawai 3.26 kg Mike Osmond
Wooton Cup

Trevally 3.80 kg Dwayne Joy
Claxton Cup

Tuna  9.37 kg Shaun Brosnahan
Reilly Trophy

Kingfish 9.49 kg Damian Morley
Roselyn Tait Memorial Cup

Snapper 11.10 kg Isaac Raika
Bardsley Cup

Groper 18.37 kg Trevor Jackson
40th Anniversary Cup

Crayfish 3.89 kg  Ben Rutten
Bruce’s Cup

C Mark & P Wootton Cup
Kapiti Boating Club v Waikanae Boating Club
Saturday 21st April 2018

If postponed competition will take place on Sunday 22nd April 2018
Competition Rules…. Entry Fee Gold coin donation.
The C Mark & P Wootton Cup will be awarded to the Club that has the highest aggregate of all species – only the 5 heaviest fish per species per club to be included.

 Blue Cod                                  Kingfish
Red Cod                                   Snapper

 Groper                                     Terakihi
Gurnard                                   Trevally
John Dory                               Tuna
Kahawai                                  Kids Section: Parrot fish/Scarpie
  • Fishing Competition commences 07am – 3pm
(Boats are allowed in the water but are not to leave beach until the committee gives the okay – this is when the club flag is raised and the okay given over VHF channel 77. This is the working channel throughout the competition)
  • Cancellation or postponement of fishing competition will be announced at 6.30am on Saturday 21st and notified on KBC/WBC Website and Facebook. If the competition is cancelled on both days it will be deemed that the current holder of the trophy will retain the trophy.
  • All anglers MUST be a member of KBC/WBC and MUST register to enter the Competition.
  •  The wearing of Life Jackets is Compulsory.
  •  Rod and Reel only to be used for fishing. Electric reels are accepted.
  • Briefing will be held @ 7:30pm Friday 20th April at your respective Club KBC/WBC
  •  All boats are to be back on the beach to qualify for weigh in by 3pm. Queuing ends at 3.30pm  i.e. you must be in the queue to qualify
  • Only weigh in your one fish per species per angler, make sure you weigh in your heaviest per species (Whole fish gut in )
  • Fishers attempting to weigh in undersize fish will be disqualified.
  • Weigh in to be completed and recorded prior to 4:30pm
  • The Social function will take place at Kapiti Boating Club on the day of the Competition at the completion of the weigh in. A light Supper and Spot prizes will be provided
  •  Organising Committee decisions are final.
WBC – Mike Moloney, Hannah Spicer, Peter Dale, Bob Tait
KBC – Paul Croft, Graeme Bailey, Ruby Eastick, Glen Banks